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Ahlam Al Arab


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About this item

  • BAKHOOR FRAGRANCE: Floral, woody, warm, soft, vanilla
  • BAKHOOR INCENSE: Bakhoor fragrance is pure arabian oriental woody fragrance oud bakhoor that refreshes you and your place.
  • COMPOSITION OF BAKHOOR: 80 grams of Bakhoor incense is made from natural and organic fragrance oils. Easily use in your home, offices or gift it to your special ones on any occasion
  • LONG LASTING: Burn a small amount of bukhoor oudh for a lingering fragrance in your home. Bakhoor fragrance stays in your room longer as compared to other bakhoors.
  • USE IT ON CHARCOAL OR ELECTRIC BAKHOOR BURNER: Crumble a small piece of bakhoor incense on a charcoal or electric type burners


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